Tikhvin Fair

Big annual Tikhvin Fair will be held in the Kuznetsk district of the Penza region

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Every year, the Kuznetsk District of the Penza Region holds one of the most long-awaited, vibrant and beloved folklore holidays - the Tikhvin Fair. The Tikhvin Fair was established in the 18th century by the wife of Alexander Nikolaevich Radishchev's brother, Varvara Mikhailovna, in honor of the memory of the icon of the Mother of God of Tikhvin. , creative master classes of eminent masters, goods for every taste and wealth.

The central exposition of the action will be an interactive platform - “Kuznetsk settlement”. More than 70 agricultural producers of the Kuznetsk District will present for sale live fish, vegetables, ready-to-cook foods, honey, kvass, dairy products, smoked meats, eggs, homemade bread and other organic products. At the inn, you can eat barbecue, try Lyulya kebab, pilaf and other dishes. Those interested can taste Ablyazovskaya Ushitsa, muzzle kvass, hearty okroshka, salted cucumbers, porridge from the stove, katloma and other dishes. The industrial line will be represented by building and finishing materials and products of clothing manufacture. A souvenir will spoil with an abundance of decorative and applied arts. For women of all ages: embroidery and textiles, foamiran ornaments and decoupage on stones, leather goods and knitted stoles handmade. Ceramic and plaster products will be presented by makhalinsk craftsmen, birch bark and wicker furniture - Penza craftsmen. For children, a wide selection of Abashevskoy toys from Spassk. The honored guests of the holiday which year in a row will be the craftsmen from Murom and Nizhny Novgorod. For the first time, craftsmen from the Samara and Ulyanovsk regions have been announced to participate in the fair. Those interested can take lessons at free workshops on weaving of bast shoes, pottery, wood carving, patterned knitting, quilting, making rag dolls and others. The folklore groups of the Republic of Mordovia, municipal districts and cities of the Penza, Ulyanovsk regions will participate in the program of the fair. tourist interest will be aroused by the fair pats: “Pictures from the village life”, “Rural Zoo”, “Flea Market”, “In the Far Kingdom”, “Musical Settlement”, etc. Ornament of the site “ Hunting Yard ”will be a performance by the Brand Fencing Studio Penza. Only here: a master class on javelin throwing and archery and demonstration performances of ancient Russian warriors. Considering the wishes of lovers of passive recreation, the Tikhvin Dram zone with all sorts of devices for “intellectual rest” from the Russian stove and the bed to the armchairs was allocated for the first time at the fair rocking chairs and loungers. For the sweet sleep of our tourists, all related services from animators: from a lullaby to the contest "Radishchevskiy sly".

The following traditional contests will be held at the fair: - “Berry Pie Competition”; - “Kosi, Spit!"; - "Small, yes daring!" Competition for children of preschool age (a prerequisite is the presence of national clothes); - "Here the kings brought down the shelves" (a simultaneous game of chess ") contests held for the first time: - “Zavey a wreath”; - “Fevronya-krasa"; - "Tikhvin lazy-tongue"; - "Karaoke-folk"; - "Cock-run".

Sightseeing: 8 km. From the A.N. Radischev Museum, in p. Nizhnee Ablyazovo, a cultural heritage site of federal significance is located. Church of the Nativity of Christ (1724 g.)

Accommodation facilities: Recreation center “At Ilyich”

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