Festival "Kozhlyanska toys"

Kozhlyanskaya toy - a symbol of the Kurchatov district of the Kursk region.

Alexey Ivanov 26.01.2019 12:44 views: 503
Venue: Russia, Kursk region, Kurchatov district
Date: 14 September 2019

Kozhlyanskaya toy - a symbol of the Kurchatov district. The festival combines the performance of creative teams, games and fun for the guests, master classes in pottery, as well as the entertainment of a traditional dish. Dronyaevo "Potato druunk".

Sights: Village Kozhlya and village Dronyaevo. Kozhlya is the birthplace of the Kozhlyanska toy, Dronyaevo - another unique craft - Dronyaevsky pottery.

Accommodation facilities: Motel "Korsakov Grove", hotel "Kursk NPP-Service", hotel "Olympus", recreation center "Rakhol", park-hotel "Arsenyevo"

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