​Music festival “Make Smart Cool”, Dubai, UAE

An inspirational music festival “Make Smart Cool” is coming to town featuring Prince Ea and Example.

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Place of realization: Дубай (Dubai),
Organizer: Najahi
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    The time of the: Начало в 16.00
    Date of the: 29 сентября 2017

    Najahi Event Organisers presents “Make Smart Cool”, an inspirational music festival for the first time in the UAE. This ‘Edutainment’ (Educate while Entertaining) event will be taking place in Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Centre on 29 September 2017. The event promises a line-up of youth’s favorites; Prince Ea, Jay Shetty, Khalid Al Ameri and ending with fun and music with Example and DJ Wire.

    This event is part of Najahi’s commitment to help achieve the National Youth Agenda, set by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in October of 2016. When launched, His Highness noted “Youth are the powerhouse of any nation and its hope for building a better tomorrow as nations are built and the future shaped by youth, capitalising on their abilities and skills. They are the driving force behind any nation’s progress and advancement.”

    This first in the region Inspirational Music Festival aims to motivate and inspire youth in the region to find their power within, their passion and their inner talents. It aims to provoke their thinking with intelligent, engaging, passionate and yet fun words. It will provide them with simple motivational messages that will consequently help them in pursuing their dreams.

    Awfa Mustafa, Co-Founder and General Manager of Najahi said: “We are delighted to present this first in the Middle East event and here in the UAE, where youth is at the core of its development. Youth are the future leaders and investing in them is essential to sustain their growth and help them find fulfillment in their lives and realise their dreams.”

    Commenting on his first tour in the Middle East, Prince Ea said: “Once I heard about the event and the beautiful things they were doing for future generations I became excited to attend! Can’t wait!”

    Example, not only a successful singer but also involved in charity work such as supporting the Drop4Drop initiative and being an Ambassador for Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK, is a role model for youth and a great addition to the inspirational and motivational line-up of speakers at this first of its kind event.

    Najahi aims to cultivate the youth’s interest and help achieve the national agenda by providing them with a platform that engages and provokes their thinking, but still entertains and excites them. The extraordinary event aims to encourage and motivate all youth to take that first step and leap above and beyond to become effective individuals within their communities, through dedication, hard work, choosing the right friends and seeking to change their lives and surroundings.

    Residents throughout the UAE and GCC are encouraged to attend this event, where they can expect an inspirational and motivational extravaganza in one location for the whole family; from relationship skills, decision making, communication skills, to learning from experiences and social awareness. For more information and to book tickets, please visit the event’s website www.najahi.org/events/princeea/ and join social media platforms.

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